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Marrakech is not just a city; Marrakech is a melting pot that awakens a growing yearning. No other metropolis in the world inspires the senses more than this red city at the foot of the High Atlas. Marrakech is a cultural oasis brimming with joie de vivre. With its souks, markets, music, street entertainers and restaurants in the Medina, the old city that goes back nearly a thousand years, it fascinates travellers from all around the world. The lively atmosphere of the royal city invites people to be drawn in. Local residents welcome guests with legendary hospitality.

Both tourists and locals hold the central square, the Djemaa el Fna, in high regard because of its oriental atmosphere. In the evening, it bustles with acrobats and snake charmers, story tellers and soothsayers as well as artists and musicians. As it gets dark, mobile kitchens open up and offer national culinary specialities. The surrounding terraces are ideal vantage points from which to view the magical spectacle.

The cultural space of the Djemaa el Fna square was the first location to be included in the newly created UNESCO List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2001. The northern boundary of the square is formed by the typical souks or covered markets, where artist-craftsmen make and sell all manner of products.

The best times of year to visit Marrakech are spring, autumn and winter, when you can enjoy mild weather with temperatures between 20 and 25 °C. Marrakech Airport is located 7 km from the city centre.